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exactly four months! Geez man, I need a personal assistant to help me keep track of my site. I am so very sorry about not updating for four months but guess what, now I have and I have a total of four new chapters up! lol...ok so there are two new chapters of Control, and two chapters in Things You do to me. Ok, and I'm working on the others...byeee...oh and I fixed chapter 6 of Control *thanks to those who e-mailed me and told me the problem...byeee



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Oh my gosh! It's been 2 months! I am unbelievably sorry Ok so here's what's up Chapter 31-37 are up in Through It All. Chapter 17 and 18 in Things You Do. Oh! a new Vizzy! yes that's right it called The Homecoming. Chapter 7 and 8 of control and that's it! send me feedback please!



What's up guys, I hope you had a good Easter. Anyway, so I got a complaint that it was almost 2 months since my last update so I came back with a lot of them. Ok, so chapter 31 of "Through it all" I have chapter 4 of "A Popstars Burden" Chapter 15 and 16 of "The Things U do" A new story "Control" a new story called "Between friends and Lovers" So yea, go read those and send me feed back! byeee



So what's up! I beat the one month mark! ok...so up to chapter 14 of "Things You Do" Up to Chapter 3 of "2 Worlds" There's a new visual up called "frustrated" so go read it!



Well, ladies, I'm back with some updates after a LONG time...first of all, I would like to let those of you who don't know...that Nick Carter was arrested. Arrested?...Might you ask. Well it seems as if our little Nicky was arguing with a girl outside the club and when the cops told him to stop...he didn't...hmmm...taking advantage of the 'I'm a star and nothing can touch me' aren't we Nicky? Anyway, we all know all he's gonna have to do is pay a couple hundred dollars (pocket change) and he's home free. And get this...He started BAWLING when they arrested him and he said...He said, "'You just want to arrest a Backstreet Boy. I've never been arrested. I don't know what to do!'' all this while he was crying...awwww how sad...I feel bad...Well...moving on to what you all wanna know...the updates! 

Chapter 10-12 of Things you do. The first chapter of a new story called "Irresistible" hmmm...and I feel like there's more...but there's not I guess...byeeee...and enjoy



Happy Thanksgiving! Whoohooo I updated! yay..ok...well finally I'm putting the first three chapters up in my hosted story called "What Lies In The Darkness Of The Night" Also, I put up chapter 28 and 29 of "Through It All" and Chapter 10 of "The Things You Do"

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Heya, I got a new story by MEEEEE....it's called "The Things You Do" It's different and there's a disclaimer so people don't get pissed! And guess what???? I have ANOTHER new story in my visuals section...it's called "My First Night With You" And I need some Visuals so if you write them, hook a sista up! Also, there's a new chapter up in "Through it All!" and Please re-sign my GB...cause it's all lonely!!!


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