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Hi peeps. This is my hosted story section. If you want your story hosted, just e-mail me k? And also, the authors don't know bsb and Bsb don't know them.

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A Tragic End

(disclaimer: please read)

By Sally and Lynn

Rated: R

After a devastating breakup with his girlfriend Amanda, AJ turns to his best friend Teresa for help. Right as AJ begins to pick up the pieces and move on, a horrible tragedy strikes. Can AJ deal or will he seek revenge? You gotta read to find out.


How Did I Fall In Love With You?

By: Sally, Lynn, and Erin

Rated: R

Approximately one year after losing Teresa, AJ finds his life becoming more and more desolate and depressing. Refusing to discuss the ordeal with anyone, he is left to writhe in his own misery and self-pity. That is, until Lynn walks into his life. Can she help AJ cope with his loss?






Till I found You

By: Samantha

Rated Pg-13

Samantha was in a abusive relationship. She thought Shawn, her boyfriend, loved here until one day he did something she wouldn't forget or forgive. Sam starts a new life, but will she ever learn to love again and will her past come back to haunt her?


The Answer to Our Lives

By: Andrea

Rated Pg

Nick carter and his wife Andrea have had a perfectly wonderful life together until their one year old son is diagnosed with cancer. the story takes place when their son, Cameron, is almost three. Andrea is expecting another baby in two months bad often worries about her son and husband. will nick and Andrea;Andrea's children be enough?  

Is It Love?

When Trinity meets Nick backstage at one of his concerts they become fast friends. Nick wants to take their relationship further after 1 month of dating. Trinity has had several relationships where her boyfriends take advantage of her. Is Nick's love for her true? Or is he just another player?

It Had to Happen to US

By: Andrea

Kevin and Kristin are gonna have a baby and one night at a concert Kristin goes into labor with it. it's a girl..looks perfectly healthy. she's not.  

The Spotlight

BY Christina

. This is a story about AJ and his love life. When he gets in troble with his girlfriend he tries to figue it out by himself but sometimes the problems are to big and he is really stuck.